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A name you can trust as a corporate photographer in Scotland

As a Marketing and PR agency you have demanding clients with various needs and corporate photography using a reliable corporate photographer in Scotland is just one of the many elements you require to deliver the brief.

It’s important that you find the right corporate photographer to work with, a photographer that is:

      • Reliable
      • Experienced
      • Professional
      • Trustworthy

You can depend on Derek Fett Photography to provide corporate photography for:

      • Corporate Events
      • Corporate Experiences
      • Conferences
      • Awards Ceremonies
      • Corporate Presentations
      • Corporate Team Building
      • Corporate Away Days
      • Corporate Workshops

Derek Fett Photography ticks all the boxes and you can hire your corporate photographer by calling 0808 9000 572 today.


Marketing photographer

Always go to someone that knows exactly what to do

As a busy Marketing and PR agency you haven’t got the time or desire to micro manage the corporate photographer that you outsource to. You are looking for someone that knows exactly what to do and can deliver the goods.

This is something that I pride myself on and I can say this confidently because the majority of my clients hire me time and time again.

Giving you confidence with a proven track record

Derek Fett Photography has been working closely with organisations like yours since 2008, and with a large retained client base and a proven track record you can rest assured that you are hiring a competent corporate photographer for the job.

Here are just a few of my clients:
Edinburgh photographer

I don’t cut corners and I’m confident that I can deliver what you are looking for.

You have nothing to worry about

The majority of corporate photography work will require being comfortable in a client facing situation. It’s crucial that corporate photographer you choose has the ability to communicate clearly and show a professional image at all times.

I’ve worked hard to win the reputation that I have and I work just as hard to keep it. This means operating a professional corporate photography business and understanding that I’m not just representing Derek Fett Photography, but that I’m also representing your organisation.

      • All equipment is PAT tested
      • Enhanced Disclosure Scotland Registration
      • Public liability insurance

A name you can trust

Who you buy from can be just as important as what you buy and you’re not just hiring a corporate photographer. You’re looking for a professional organisation that has all the necessary equipment to deliver.

The knowledge and expertise I have gained means that I’m familiar with every nuance of corporate photography.

I take great pride in what I do and I meet every challenge I’m presented with.

Call Derek Fett Photography today on 0808 9000 572 for a professional corporate photographer that can deliver exactly what you are looking for.

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