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Whether it’s on LinkedIn or on your company’s website, your headshot image is a marketing tool and it’s important to make the best first impression. Regardless of what business you are in, people buy from people and they want to know what you look like.

Headshots are becoming popular and it’s therefore crucial, now more than ever, that you find ways to set yourself apart from everyone else.

Hire Derek Fett Photography as your corporate headshot photographer for:

      • Social media platforms, including LinkedIn
      • Annual reports
      • CV’s
      • Corporate catalogs, brochures and advertising
      • Company publications and websites
      • Press releases
      • Marketing materials
      • Articles and newspapers

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You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression

A professional and engaging headshot is more than just a photo, it’s the perfect way to make the best first impression, here’s five reasons why.

One – Set yourself apart from the competition

A lot of people still use old personal snapshots and cropped images as their profile headshots. This is the perfect opportunity for you to hire a professional corporate photographer to capture you in the best way and separate you from everyone else.

Two – Professional Appearance

It’s a known fact that people buy from people that they like and trust. A professional corporate headshot will help people to realise that you take pride in your appearance and it will have an impact on how others engage with you.

Three – Authenticity

A headshot captured by a professional corporate photographer is the best way to make sure people know exactly who you are. Especially if it’s the first interaction. People want to be able to recognise you at your first meeting and your headshot will help them to identify the right person they are looking for.

Four – What do you stand for?

Your headshot is just like a logo for an organisation. It’s who you are and what you’re about. Your image should get across your values, for example, creative, professional, caring, confident, etc. This is exactly what a professional corporate photographer will be able to do for you.

Five – Time for a refresh?

Has it been a few years since your last photo shoot? Perhaps it’s time for a refresh? It’s important that your headshot is authentic and still looks like you now.

What does your headshot say about you?

Remember that anyone can have an expensive camera but the tools alone don’t make a good craftsman – you also need the skills.

To make things easy and convenient for your organisation and your team, Derek Fett Photography will come to you. As a professional corporate photography company we have all the required equipment to set up a on site portable photography studio.

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