Invest in a professional product and commercial photographer in Scotland

As a professional organisation with high standards you are passionate about your products, and when it comes to commercial photography it’s important to you that the attractiveness of your products are captured in the best way.

Organisations just like yours depend on Derek Fett Photography to capture high quality product and commercial photography for:

Commercial photography in Scotland

High Quality Commercial Photography – Your products say a lot about you

      • Marketing
      • Advertising
      • Magazines
      • Brochures
      • Flyers
      • Websites
      • Press Release
      • Product placement

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Four reasons to hire a professional commercial photographer

A point and shoot camera may give you instant results at low cost, but it certainly will not produce the professional image and message that you are attempting to send to your audience.

In fact, low quality images can have the reverse effect and negatively impact your organisation’s reputation. An expensive camera alone does not make a great photographer, you also need the skills.

Professional commercial photography should be viewed as an investment to your organisation, and here are four reasons why.

One – Increased publicity

When you have new product lines and services you can hire a professional commercial photographer to capture your products in the best light with the best equipment.

You can use these images in multiple ways to showcase your products on your website, brochures, flyers, press releases and other promotional materials.

Two – A professional appearance

As a professional organisation with high standards you want to make sure your marketing and promotional materials get the right message to your target market, giving them the WOW factor.

Three – Create a portfolio

You can collect all your product and service images into a portfolio allowing you to showcase your complete offering professionally and make it easy for your prospective customers to understand how you can help them.

Four – Increased Sales

When you put all the major benefits together, what you get is increased awareness, a great perception of your organisation’s products and services, and ultimately a direct increase in sales and a return on your investment.

Call Derek Fett Photography today on 0808 9000 572 for professional high quality product and commercial photography in Scotland.

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